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Marches in the Los Altos Pet Parade

Two dozen INTL'ers* walked in the Los Altos Pet Parade for the first time on Saturday, September 24th. On this beautiful morning, several INTL families and their furry or feathered friends gathered in downtown Los Altos for the 64th Annual Pet...

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Kate's Blog: Suggested reading/listening as we go back to school

It’s been a very busy month of back-to-school, which means that I have been remiss in attending to my blog.  It seems that many people are busy thinking about how children learn best, what we need to teach (as both parents and educators), and how...

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Chinese Tradition of Respect in an Authentic Context

一日之師,終身為父            -[元] 關漢卿

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Kate's Blog: Lunchtime Learning

Lunch and recess are integral parts of an elementary student’s day.  Many of us have asked a child, “What is your favorite subject?” and heard the answer “lunch” or “recess”.  It makes us laugh, as we expected to hear “reading” or “science” or...

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One of the most important things you can do for your child.

In my many years working with early years program students, I know one thing for sure: young children need routine. They will thrive with schedules that are easy to understand and accomplish, and consistency is key to establishing security in...

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Why do alumni like to visit us?


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