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Advice for Traveling in China

On the plane ride home from our amazing trip to China, we asked our students what advice they would give to someone who was traveling to China for the first time. Here is their advice (in no particular order) and a few pieces of advice from the...

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Last Day in China

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Three Days at the Qiushi School

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The Spring Field Trip with the Qiushi School

On Tuesday, our students experienced a real treat, and Ms. Donna was able to go along as well. It was a field trip for the whole school (all 1200 students). It seems that twice a year the whole school heads out to different parts of the city....

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First Day at the Qiushi School

This morning, the chaperones met our students at school. We checked in with all of them to see how their first night with the host family went. They were all content. Some of them mentioned how the host family was going out of their way to do...

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Sunday in Hangzhou

We met our guide, Becky, and the representative from our travel agency, Zhou, in Hangzhou. We got on the bus where breakfast from McDonald's as well as fruit, water, and milk was waiting for us. We were all happy to eat since we'd been eating...

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A Night on the Sleeper Train

Getting ourselves (and our luggage) from the bus to the train station through the crowded streets of Beijing was quite a task despite it only being a few blocks. Fortunately, we had our guide and the two people who accompanied her to help. Once...

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Beihai Park, Prince Gong's Palace, Tiananmen Square, & The Forbidden City

It was another fun packed day in Beijing!

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The Great Wall, Tech Museum, & Olympic Park

Our first day in Beijing was busy and exciting!

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Greetings from Beijing!

We've made it safely to Beijing, and so far, we are having a wonderful adventure. Our flight went smoothly, although it seemed to be never ending. Even I was getting frustrated with my own responses to the children's continuous questions of, "How...

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