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Congratulations Chinese CLTAC Speech Contest Prize Winners!

Congratulations to ISTP's CLTAC Chinese Speech Contest Prize Winners! This contest highlights K-12 and college students' Chinese language proficiency, promotes Chinese language teaching, and is a highlight of the Chinese language teaching calendar.

Contestants are grouped into four divisions (college, high school, middle school, and elementary school), and each division contains categories that take into account the language/dialect of the contestants. The International School of the Peninsula proudly congratulates:

First Grade:
Evelyn Z.
Avril C.
Lowell K.
Amanda L.
Raina C.
Aaron Y.

Second Grade:
Charlotte F.
Beatrice K.
Hannah K.

Third Grade:
J.Z. K.
Claire A.
Skylar O.

Fifth Grade:
Xander S.

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