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Middle School participates in President's Challenge

Every year, our middle school students participate in the President’s Challenge. The President’s Challenge is a premier program that encourage fitness, sports, and nutrition. Please join us in congratulating our award winners below.

Presidential Fitness Awards (Awarded to Students who scored above the 85th percentile on all five fitness tests)

Georgia B. W.

Max L.

Keishi F.

Estelle D. Z.

Isabelle P.

Chloe T.

Jacques T.

National Fitness Awards (Awarded to students who scored at or above the 50th percentile on all five fitness tests)

Eileen F.

Chloe J.

Arthur M.

Conor F.

Aureann B.

Alexandra V.

Alexandra V.-M.

Sophia V.-M.

Calvin G.

Anaka N.

Ziad T.

Alix B.

Manuel R.

Rachel N.

Paul S.

Mateen M.

Fastest Mile 6th Grade (Awarded to the fastest mile runners in 6th grade)

Isabelle P. (6.53)

Manuel R. (6.15)

Most improved Runners 7th and 8th Grade

Nathan K.

Camille B.

Raphael S.

Amely J.

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