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Appreciation of cross-grade learning

Yesterday a number of parents provided the faculty and staff with a spectacular lunch. It was the annual Teacher Appreciation Lunch, when everyone who works at ISTP is treated royally, fed a gourmet meal, and truly feels appreciated. So a huge...

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What Skills Will Your Child Need to Be Successful?

Earlier this year I wrote about Race to Nowhere, a movie that gave us a lot to think about in regards to the issues associated with education in the United States. It is evident that we all have concerns about the welfare of our children and...

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Joyeux Anniversaire!

Today (May 5th), I turn twenty-nine (again!!), and I am looking forward to celebrating it over a lovely dinner with my husband.

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Fruit and Vegetable Fever

This week I was invited to partake of the fruits and vegetables that the 3rd graders brought in for their presentations in English class. Mrs. Brooks pairs a non-fiction researched presentation on a fruit or vegetable with a fiction piece based...

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Is Print Dead?

By now, you should have received our bi-annual print publication, InsideISTP. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read through the great articles and news stories. I must admit that one of my favorite pieces is the article on our alumni students,...

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Waste-Free Lunch and Learning

On Tuesday and Wednesday, middle school student Axel Clavier led the elementary school in an activity designed to raise awareness in a very visual way. Axel is part of the task force “Inconvenient Youth”, which is part of Al Gore’s climate change...

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To Zuca or Not to Zuca

I had the chance to travel back to France during Spring Break, for some much-needed down time. While lugging around my laptop, purse, and various travel items, I thought about the Zuca backpacks and how perfect they would be for travel....

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Exchange Excitement

Throughout the break, I have read daily emails from the two elementary exchange trips that are happening. Each report is a little voyage away from my desk as I am transported to Hangzhou, China or Fumel, France. I am amazed at the opportunities...

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Lessons on learning from the yoga mat (and beyond)

Yoga has been one of my greatest teachers. Of course, I do have those amazing actual teachers whom I will always remember and to whom I owe so much, but there are other teachers in life to recognize as well, and physical activity is one of them.

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The Beauty of Elementary School Performances

Since I already wrote about Music Week in an email to elementary school parents, I was going to write about something different this week, but I just returned to my office after the 2nd grade performance and felt that I had to write about Music...

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