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Through and Through

Jovi and I recently returned from an independent school marketing conference at Harvard University, where we came away energized with ideas, resources, and strategies. At the conference, I noticed how as we were networking and introducing...

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Musings on the Benefits of Bake Sales

Last week we had our first Student Council Bake Sale of the year. We usually have three bake sales a year – one per trimester. This year we’ve added a fourth because there is always a cause that comes up at some point in the year that Student...

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More than just a trip

I recently returned from France, where I was one of the chaperones for our 5th grade exchange trip to Blérancourt. Anyone who has chaperoned a trip with children can tell you that it's not an easy experience, but it is a rewarding one....

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21st Century Skills

The other day, as I was driving home, I heard a segment on Marketplace on NPR about what the future holds for the job market, and thus, what skills our children need to learn in order to have a good chance at success. At first I was drawn in by...

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Responding to new research on development

Another article caught my attention recently, and is related to a previous post of mine about developmental stages. This time it was in the Harvard Education Letter, about recent research done by the Gesell Institute for Human Development about...

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Planning for the Future

It was obvious that this was a discussion that needed to happen, and my husband and I decided to engage in the estate planning process. It was one of the biggest gifts we could have given to ourselves and our daughters — peace of mind. In addition,...

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Brain Research and the Joy of Learning

Last Monday, our entire faculty participated in a workshop on learning and the brain – how current research on brain functioning can influence how we teach and learn. It was a dynamic workshop, and our discussion during Wednesday’s faculty...

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Soirée du Vin Wine Auction

Guests of the 5th edition of the Soirée du Vin wine auction gathered at the Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club on Sunday, October 10, 2010, to celebrate their love of fine wines and fine food, and to raise funds for ISTP's Charlotte de Géry ...

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The importance of picture books

Last night, our Admissions Director, Maile Uohara, sent me a link to an article, with the comment that it made her sad. It makes me more than sad. It makes me downright angry. The article, from the New York Times, is entitled “Picture Books No...

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Developmental ranges

I have been spending more time in the classroom lately, and am constantly reminded of the range of developmental stages. As a mother of an infant, I know that teething can start anywhere between 4 and 12 months, that it is okay that the other 10...

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