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A cardboard box is the best toy of all...

Well, maybe my daughter would argue that this week the pots and pans are the best, but she only has a few words right now, so I’ll continue on this train of thought! In this season of giving, it is so easy to get caught up in the newest, latest...

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Share Your Words

A couple of weeks ago, I asked our community a question: how would you describe INTL* in four words?

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Student Council

This year, I have been very impressed by our Student Council. Now that we have Assembly every week, the role of the representatives has changed and become more visible. Representatives are not only recognized by the other students, but they are...

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Valuable points from the Kidpower Workshop

On Wednesday, we had a “Kidpower” (www.kidpower.org) workshop at INTL*. It was for parents and faculty, and the idea behind it was to give parents and faculty some common approaches to working with the students about personal safety. Personal...

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A Big Order

A feature story on NPR this morning reminded me that November 19 is the anniversary of the delivery of one of the greatest speeches in history: President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

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Through and Through

Jovi and I recently returned from an independent school marketing conference at Harvard University, where we came away energized with ideas, resources, and strategies. At the conference, I noticed how as we were networking and introducing...

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Musings on the Benefits of Bake Sales

Last week we had our first Student Council Bake Sale of the year. We usually have three bake sales a year – one per trimester. This year we’ve added a fourth because there is always a cause that comes up at some point in the year that Student...

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More than just a trip

I recently returned from France, where I was one of the chaperones for our 5th grade exchange trip to Blérancourt. Anyone who has chaperoned a trip with children can tell you that it's not an easy experience, but it is a rewarding one....

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21st Century Skills

The other day, as I was driving home, I heard a segment on Marketplace on NPR about what the future holds for the job market, and thus, what skills our children need to learn in order to have a good chance at success. At first I was drawn in by...

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Responding to new research on development

Another article caught my attention recently, and is related to a previous post of mine about developmental stages. This time it was in the Harvard Education Letter, about recent research done by the Gesell Institute for Human Development about...

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