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A Decade with QiuShi Elementary School

One of the highlights of the 5th grade Chinese Program curriculum is a unique cultural exchange program with our sister school, QiuShi Elementary School, in Hangzhou, China. We visit them each April and they in return come to visit us in October....

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Experiential Learning in Blérancourt, France

Each year, ISTP's 5th grade French students have the opportunity to travel to Blérancourt, France on an immersion exchange trip. This incredible opportunity not only helps students to solidify their language skills, but also expands their...

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4th Graders Explore Nature, History at Coloma Outdoor School

Last week, ISTP’s 4th Grade students visited Coloma Outdoor School, located in Coloma, California along the American River. The greenhorns (a term used for new people to the Gold Rush) were transformed into Sourdoughs (a term used for people who...

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Experiential Learning: 3rd Grade Overnight Trip to Point Reyes

Last week, the third graders embarked on an exciting overnight camping trip to Pt. Reyes, a location chosen for its rich historical and geographical features. This trip offered our third graders the very best of experiential learning. The...

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Environmental Education: 5th Grade Overnight Trip to Malakoff State Park

Last week, the 5th graders went on their annual camping trip. We went to Malakoff State Historic Park up near Nevada City. This park used to be the site of a huge hydraulic mining operation back in the 1850s that was eventually forced to close.

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Peter and the Wolf: Kindergarteners Connect Words, Music, and Art

This spring, the students in the English kindergarten classes on Cowper Campus have been working on an interdisciplinary unit about fairy tales. The kindergarteners, taught by Carol and Susan and Giselle and Beth, have especially focused on tales...

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Middle School Cultural Exchange Trip: Life at the Wuhou Foreign Language School

ISTP Middle School students are living and studying at the Wuhou Foreign Language School in Chengdu, China, as part of a cultural exchange trip.  With this blog, I would like to provide everyone with a glimpse of their exciting daily activities!

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4th/5th Grade Cultural Exchange Trip to China: Exploring Shanghai, Learning at Qiu Shi Elementary

For the past week, Chinese Program teachers Shu-Chun, ChuHsi and I have accompanied a wonderful group of 4th and 5th graders on a cultural exchange trip to Hangzhou, China.

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4th/5th Grade Cultural Exchange Trip to Taiwan: Update from Gaoyuan Elementary School

This is the first year that ISTP’s Chinese Program students are visiting Taiwan on our cultural exchange program. With this blog, I am excited to share their adventures with you!

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Update from Fumel: Ropes Course, Visiting Rocamadour, Cahors, and Paris!

The French Program 4th Graders are in Fumel, France, for a 10-day cultural exchange trip. Here is another update on their adventures!

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