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The importance of picture books

Last night, our Admissions Director, Maile Uohara, sent me a link to an article, with the comment that it made her sad. It makes me more than sad. It makes me downright angry. The article, from the New York Times, is entitled “Picture Books No...

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Developmental ranges

I have been spending more time in the classroom lately, and am constantly reminded of the range of developmental stages. As a mother of an infant, I know that teething can start anywhere between 4 and 12 months, that it is okay that the other 10...

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Healthy Risk Taking

This week, I have been impressed by our students’ willingness to take healthy risks. Student Council representatives have eagerly taken on making announcements at the weekly assemblies (and are finding their voices more each week), 3rd graders...

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School picture days of present and past - a view into elementary school life

It’s school picture week, and seeing so many students wearing a favorite outfit or with hair “done” brings me right back to my elementary school days. Picture day was always exciting- it meant the year had really begun, and documented the class...

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Standardized testing - testing perspectives

This week our 3rd graders started taking the ERB CTP-IV, the standardized test in English that many independent schools give. We have also moved the 3rd grade testing to be in September in order to use the test as the diagnostic tool it was...

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Reluctant Blogger

I am a reluctant blogger. I only finally got on Facebook because a group of my international friends communicate solely through Facebook, and it was the only way to see photos and get updates on a regular basis. I am still pleasantly clueless...

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Primary Perspectives

In this very first ever blog (more in next week’s blog on my reluctance!), I thought I should explain my title choice, and therefore the general idea behind this blog.

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