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Lessons on learning from the yoga mat (and beyond)

Yoga has been one of my greatest teachers. Of course, I do have those amazing actual teachers whom I will always remember and to whom I owe so much, but there are other teachers in life to recognize as well, and physical activity is one of them.

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The Beauty of Elementary School Performances

Since I already wrote about Music Week in an email to elementary school parents, I was going to write about something different this week, but I just returned to my office after the 2nd grade performance and felt that I had to write about Music...

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Read, Read, Read

I’ve been thinking a lot about reading these days, for a number of reasons. I am writing an article for our next newsletter. That article will focus on learning to read and teaching reading, but in my preparation to write, I found time and again...

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How Times Have Changed!

When I first started working at the Peninsula French American School, the very idea of development was not as well received as it is today. As a native French citizen, I balked at the idea that the school would actually ask me for a donation...

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Wrestling and Pillow Fights

On Wednesday evening, Usha Sangam from Hand in Hand Parenting came to give a talk entitled “The Well-Balanced Child – Avoiding Stress and Overscheduling” (login and click to view the pdf of the presentation slides) that addressed helping children...

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