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My Top 10 Kermesse Survival Tips for Parents

1.Get there early. Secure your spot and get ready for a great show! Don’t forget to charge your camera and bring it with you!

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3 good reads for parents and teachers alike

This week I want to share what I’ve been reading lately – not that I cried through the beautiful ending of Cutting For Stone, but the reading related to teaching and learning. The three I’m highlighting fit with the discussions we’ve been having...

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Engaged and Active Learning in 2nd Grade

On Thursday night, I attended Charles and Guillaume’s classes’ performance. My smile grew and my eyes got a little damp as the show went on and I saw how motivated, engaged, and happy the students were as they demonstrated multitudes of skills they...

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Appreciation of cross-grade learning

Yesterday a number of parents provided the faculty and staff with a spectacular lunch. It was the annual Teacher Appreciation Lunch, when everyone who works at INTL* is treated royally, fed a gourmet meal, and truly feels appreciated. So a huge...

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What Skills Will Your Child Need to Be Successful?

Earlier this year I wrote about Race to Nowhere, a movie that gave us a lot to think about in regards to the issues associated with education in the United States. It is evident that we all have concerns about the welfare of our children and...

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Joyeux Anniversaire!

Today (May 5th), I turn twenty-nine (again!!), and I am looking forward to celebrating it over a lovely dinner with my husband.

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