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4th Graders Explore Nature, History at Coloma Outdoor School

Last week, INTL’s* 4th Grade students visited Coloma Outdoor School, located in Coloma, California along the American River. The greenhorns (a term used for new people to the Gold Rush) were transformed into Sourdoughs (a term used for people who...

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Experiential Learning: 3rd Grade Overnight Trip to Point Reyes

Last week, the third graders embarked on an exciting overnight camping trip to Pt. Reyes, a location chosen for its rich historical and geographical features. This trip offered our third graders the very best of experiential learning. The...

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INTL Announces Speaker Series on Bilingualism

This fall, INTL* is proud to welcome two distinguished experts in the fields of bilingualism and bilingual education. Dr. Ellen Bialystok and Dr. Judith Lessow-Hurley will be presenting public talks, offering insights into their research on...

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Environmental Education: 5th Grade Overnight Trip to Malakoff State Park

Last week, the 5th graders went on their annual camping trip. We went to Malakoff State Historic Park up near Nevada City. This park used to be the site of a huge hydraulic mining operation back in the 1850s that was eventually forced to close.

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Alumnus Seeks Academic Challenge as He Begins College at Age 15

From an early age, it was clear that Amit T. was an extraordinarily bright student. After 1st grade at another school, Amit’s parents realized that he needed a more academically rigorous and challenging environment, and they enrolled him in...

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5th Grader Alanna Y. Wins 3D Printing for Humanity Scholarship

At INTL*, we try to nurture our students' talents, and to give them a love of learning that motivates them to pursue their passions. 5th grader Alanna Y. is a perfect example of an INTL student who finds something she loves and pursues it with...

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Kate's Blog: Bilingualism, Brains, and Back-to-School

As I left the Cohn Campus after the State of the School just a two short weeks ago, my heart was warm from the sense of community I felt at the reception, my spirit was lifted by the enthusiasm of the parents when we toured the latest updates to...

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Expansion for Innovation Summer 2014: Thoughtful Design with Learning in Mind

School has begun, and Cohn Campus is once again a whirlwind of activity. You have probably noticed that the campus has been refreshed for the new year, with renovations and updates inside and out, and a playground with more open space to run and...

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Rolling out the Red Carpet to Welcome New Parents

No matter how many years or decades we have been at INTL*, all of us were once new to the community. We can all recall the feelings of excitement and promise that come with being a new INTL parent. But we also probably remember feeling anxious,...

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