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13 Classes Reach 100% Participation in the Annual Fund!

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The Benefits of Bilingualism

I have recently read an article in the New York Times and have found it quite interesting, and mostly very relevant to what we, as parents and educators, experience with our children on a daily basis. Three years ago, as a Board member of the...

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What Skills Will Your Child Need to Be Successful?

Earlier this year I wrote about Race to Nowhere, a movie that gave us a lot to think about in regards to the issues associated with education in the United States. It is evident that we all have concerns about the welfare of our children and...

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Nowhere to Race?

At INTL*, we constantly are exploring ways for our students to develop their individual skills with the hope that they will function effectively in a complex society. We remain committed to helping each child become the best student, person and...

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A Big Order

A feature story on NPR this morning reminded me that November 19 is the anniversary of the delivery of one of the greatest speeches in history: President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

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Soirée du Vin Wine Auction

Guests of the 5th edition of the Soirée du Vin wine auction gathered at the Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club on Sunday, October 10, 2010, to celebrate their love of fine wines and fine food, and to raise funds for INTL*'s Charlotte de Géry ...

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Creativity and Learning

One of the most important things that INTL* focuses on is developing critical thinking skills, and fostering creativity within a bilingual immersion education. I believe that schools must and can help children improve reading, writing, mathematic...

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When Preparation Meets Opportunity

You may have heard the following adage, but since “luck” and “success” can be synonymous, I’m going to start it differently: “success is when preparation meets opportunity.”

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New Parent Night & State of the School

On Monday, August 23, we had our New Parent Orientation Night onCowper, and welcomed approximately 79 new families to INTL*. Unfortunately for all of us, an unexpected heat wave hit Palo Alto. While we were burdened by the stifling heat, everyone...

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