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Today started with a bus ride from Hangzhou to Shanghai. We passed through the city, the countryside, and then Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai. It’s a really, really big city. We stepped off the bus and everyone looked upward. We were at the Jing Mao...

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Last Day in Shanghai

Last day in Hangzhou

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Back to School Monday and Tuesday

Back to School, Monday April 16th: We arrived this morning to see 1200 students, plus our 18, at morning announcements on the blacktop.  As they followed their classmates, in step, we distributed the usual Pepto, allergy medications, and said our...

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Birthdays in Hangzhou

*In 2020, the International School of the Peninsula (ISTP) formally changed its name to Silicon Valley International School (INTL) to better reflect its bilingual programs, location, and international values.

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More pics from China


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Sunday in Hangzhou

We began our morning boarding a canal type wooden boat on the Grand Canal. All seats were indoors with table and chairs as opposed to yesterday morning’s boat with the outdoor aft section.  This is the longest man made canal (waterway) in the...

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Photos from China

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To China With Love

If you were to find a spot to love in China, Hangzhou would definitely be a choice. Green. That’s what you see: forest, gardens, tea plantations, and the jade green water of West Lake. We arrived at school this morning to collect “our own” plus ten...

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Hangzhou Greets INTL with a Song, Gifts, and Grand Hellos!

This morning we were greeted by smiling Hangzhou children at the gate, “ Good morning, teachers,” followed by a salute. How cute is that? We proceeded upstairs noting a sign on the staircase, “Work breezily, play happily.”  Children passed us saying...

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Beijing natives love our INTL students

Cameras, applause, acclaim, ouuus and ahhhhhs were all about INTL* students today. It's amazing to see what our students bring to the world....happiness! There were no sour looks, no shakes, only smiles and photo opportunities. When we put the...

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