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ISTP Student places 1st in Kangourou Contest

One of the great things about attending a language immersion school are the myriad of academic opportunities available to our students. For example, our French immersion students take part in "Kangourou", a contest whose main purpose is to promote mathematical and critical thinking skills. The test is given in French, and is a very challenging test. This test is given to students across the world with more than 6 million participants.

It is with great pride that ISTP congratulates 6th grade French immersion student, Kenji, for placing FIRST out of 85,593 students in this year's Kangourou Contest! Schools from all across the world have students compete in the test, and our very own Kenji proved his critical thinking and mathematical skills to be #1! This is the first time in ISTP history that a student has won first place. Kudos to Kenji on his accomplishment!

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