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Why Are We Photocopy Free? Eco Sensibility and the Development of the Whole Child

Four times a year, photocopy free week on Cowper Campus gives students the opportunity to explore the world around them in new ways. The week is always a great learning experience for students and teachers alike.

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Guest Blogger: Kammie B. Brings Innovative Flipped Teaching to 7th Grade Pre-Algebra

“I think your flipped teaching style is very helpful because then when we are in class we can talk more about our questions,” – Gaby M., 7th grade Pre-Algebra student.

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Judo Club: Lessons in Sportsmanship at Palo Alto Judo Tournament


Nathan proudly displays his 2nd place win from the Palo Alto Judo Tournament.
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Fall Mini Camp: A Week of Creativity and Fun

This year’s Fall Mini Camp on Cowper was a great success. Here are a few highlights from our week!

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5th Grade Trip to Blérancourt: Paris and the Fôret de Compiègne

What an exciting day in Paris! We took the bus from Blérancourt to Paris. Our first activity was the Bateau Parisien. It was a wonderful way to orient ourselves in the city and see all of the major monuments along the Seine. After our boat ride,...

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Taste Week on Cowper Campus

The beginning of the school year on Cowper Campus has been a bustle of activities. As is the tradition at INTL*, the month of October brings with it the themes of harvest and celebration. These themes work well with the French educational...

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Why Students Will Lead the World

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5th Grade Trip to Blérancourt: Stone-cutting, Sculpture, and Archery!

Today, the fourth day of our cultural exchange trip to Blérancourt, we participated in several fun activities in Soissons, one of the most ancient towns in France. First, we visited l’Abbaye Saint-Jean-des-Vignes, a former Augustinian monastery,...

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When the Teachers Become Students

On October 14th, during our Teacher In-Service, the Rothschild Multipurpose Room was filled with elementary school teachers who were laser-focused on the importance of a well-structured and informed foundation for our students. One of the...

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5th Grade Trip to Blérancourt: Arriving and Exploring the Countryside

After a long flight, we were very excited to arrive safely in Blérancourt. The flight went very well. Some of us were able to sleep a little, while others enjoyed playing games or watching movies during the flight. We received many...

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