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Kicking off Our Distance Learning Plan

At INT'L, we pride ourselves on our ability to plan ahead, adapt, and innovate. While we may never have imagined the uncertain and unprecedented circumstances in which we all find ourselves, we have been able to draw upon the preexisting...

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Guest Blogger Cindy Chiang: Chinese Immersion Collaboration and Leadership

Collaboration is vital to creating a vibrant academic program and educational community. This year we worked hard to increase our participation in the international and local Chinese immersion education communities, and took on new leadership...

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ISTP’s Facilities Lead the Way in Environmental Stewardship

ISTP was recognized as a Green Business Leader, for the 3rd year in a row, by the Palo Alto Mayor's Office.
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Kate's Blog: Bilingualism, Brains, and Back-to-School

As I left the Cohn Campus after the State of the School just a two short weeks ago, my heart was warm from the sense of community I felt at the reception, my spirit was lifted by the enthusiasm of the parents when we toured the latest updates to...

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Guest Blogger Suzanne O'Brien: Trustee Education

One of the five planks in the ISTP 2011-16 Strategic Plan is Board Governance & Leadership.  Trustee education is an important ingredient to sustaining a superior Board that supports the school’s mission through it’s leadership, financial...

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Guest Blogger François Guèdenet: Doing What is Best for Our Students

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ISTP Named “Green Leader” by City of Palo Alto

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ISTP Girl Scouts Make a Difference on Campus and in Community

by Sanam Y., 5th grade French immersion student

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Kate's Blog: The perseverance of young journalists

Earlier this fall, a group of 5th graders approached Mrs. Brooks, in her role as Student Council Advisor, about starting a school newspaper.  Now, Mrs. Brooks and I have been down this road before, many a time.  We don’t have enough time with the...

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Kate's Blog: Lunch, revised

After listening to feedback from students, parents, and teachers, as well as trying to help manage the lunch tables, we have decided to revise our table groupings.  We still do want to assign tables within the grades, in order to continue to...

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