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The Inquiry Cycle in Action in 4th Grade


A 4th grade class in front of their "Wonder Wall," part of step one of the inquiry cycle,
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Learning Through the Lens of "Three Teachers" at INTL

To learn more about INTL's inquiry-based bilingual program, register for our upcoming open house!

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Joanna Hoffman Offers Sage Advice to Young People at INTL’s Pioneering Women in Technology Event

On Tuesday, February 23, INTL was proud to welcome alumni parent and former Board Chair Joanna Hoffman to Cohn Campus. A large crowd was eager to hear Ms. Hoffman’s insights into her role as the marketing force behind Apple’s first Macintosh...

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Guest Blogger Chris Livaccari: INTL Students Take Top Honors at the Mandarin Speech Contest!

INTL* Chinese Program students once again took top honors in the annual Mandarin Speech Contest sponsored by the Chinese Language Teachers Association of California. Our students received nearly 20 awards, including 3 first place and 4 second...

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5th Grade Cultural Exchange – Touring Taipei, Attending GaoYuan Elementary School

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Cultural Immersion in Fumel, France

The French Program 4th Graders are in Fumel, France, for a 10-day cultural exchange trip. Students are living with French host families, and experiencing French life and culture firsthand. Assistant Head of School Kate Lussen and INTL* French...

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Guest Blogger Arnaud Cabanel: Conservation in our Own Backyard


INTL* 6th graders work on a conservation project at the Palo Alto Baylands, in 2009.
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What is Developmentally Appropriate?

This past month, INTL* hosted a training by the Gesell Institute (http://www.gesellinstitute.org). A large portion of the training focused on an overview of developmental ages and stages, which was a wonderful reminder and confirmation that INTL...

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The Magic of Red Carpet

Red Carpet is always an exciting evening. The veteran INTL* families who serve as mentors are always eager to welcome the newest members of our INTL community and take them on as their mentees. The new families, while sometimes slightly anxious,...

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Singapore Math at INTL

Reviewing the Math Programs:

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